Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 Review

Shark is one of the several house-care brands from the U.S giant SharkNinja, which mainly designs and manufactures vacuum products. The Vacuums from Shark are considered some of the best in the market due to their quality design and a good set of features.

The NV360 model of vacuum from Shark is an upright vacuum that gives you a powerful cleaning experience. If you are looking for an upright-canister vacuum to clean all your surface areas, then there is no better than the Navigator Loft Away Deluxe NV360 from Shark. In this post, you will see a brief review of this product with all its features and technologies.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe (NV360)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe (NV360)

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  • Vacuum Type – Upright
  • Vacuum Cleaning Type – Dry Cleaning
  • Filter Type – HEPA
  • Dimension – 38 x 29 x 115.6 cms in length, width, and height
  • Weight – 12.5 pounds
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Power Cord Length – 25 feet
  • Dust Collector – Detachable Canister


Like any upright vacuums, the NV360 is a compact and lightweight one except for its height. Coming at 38 x 29 x 115.6 cms in length, width, and height, this vacuum will be easy to store in your room or a cabinet. With 12.5 pounds in weight, the NV360 vacuum will be easy to handle while you are cleaning. The build quality of this vacuum is decent as it is made of durable plastic and metal. Overall, you are getting a well-designed vacuum cleaner for the price.

Features of Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360

HEPA Filter

This vacuum features a HEPA filter to trap all the dust and other debris from your surrounding. The inclusion of the HEPA filter gives it anti-allergen complete seal technology as it traps 99 percent of allergens such as hair, pollen, etc from your surrounding. Apart from the HEPA filter, this vacuum also has a pre-motor filter to trap all the dust particles.

Portable Canister

The canister present in this model to collect the dirt is detachable. With just a press of a button, you can remove the canister from this vacuum. By removing the canister, you can use this vacuum to easily clean the hard to reach areas without any trouble. This dirt compartment present in this vacuum will also give you good enough space to clean your home without emptying the bin frequently.

Additional Attachments

With the purchase of this vacuum, you get additional tools like a crevice tool and upholstery tool. You can fit these tools to get additional functionalities from your vacuum. The upholstery tool helps to clean fabrics and carpet while the crevice tool attachment can be used to clean the tough to reach areas. Apart from these tools, you also get a dusting brush and a pet hair power brush with this vacuum.

Multiple Functionalities

This upright vacuum can also be used as a handled vacuum. You can pick the canister in one hand and the wand hose in another to use it as a handheld vacuum. With this method, you use this vacuum to clean the hard to reach areas like your car, cabinet, etc. The NV360 also has two floor-type adjustment levels. The ‘Bare floor’ level is used to clean the bare floors like the tiles and hardwood while the ‘Brushroll on’ level is used to clean the carpets.

Easy Maneuvering

The 25 feet long power cord present in this vacuum may not be good enough to cover a large room but it is sufficient for a decent-sized room. You can clean your room without the need to plug and unplug the power cord frequently. It makes it easy for you to maneuver this machine well. The swivel steering present in this vacuum also makes it easy for you to move this machine easily.

Advantages of the NV360 Vacuum

  • It can be used in multiple configurations such as upright and handheld.
  • There are no recurring costs with this vacuum as it does not use replaceable dust bags.
  • This vacuum has a good suction force to pick up a good amount of debris from your surrounding.
  • The included HEPA filter helps to capture 99 percent of allergens from your surrounding.
  • This vacuum is easy to use with its swivel steering.
  • With the detachable canister, you can easily empty the bin and use this vacuum.
  • You get a good number of attachments with this vacuum.

Disadvantages of the NV360 Vacuum

  • The hose range could have been large, so you can clean more areas without plugging and unplugging this vacuum.
  • The build quality of this vacuum could have been better.


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 is not the best vacuum that you can buy but it does have special features and technologies to make it worth your time. Features like HEPA filter, removable canister, swivel steering, and more make it a good investment of your money to keep your home/office clean and hygienic. We hope this post has given you a good overview of the NV360 vacuum for you to buy it.

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