Eureka Forbes WDX2 Vacuum Cleaner Review in India

Eureka Forbes makes some of the best home hygiene products in India such as water purifiers and vacuums. The WDX2 is a great wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes that makes your cleaning chore enjoyable. A wet and dry vacuum is capable of cleaning both the dry dust and wet spills from your home surface. If you are in the market for a wet and dry vacuum, then the WDX2 from Eureka Forbes will be a great choice for you as it comes with a lot of features and functionalities. In this post, let us see the full review of the WDX2 vacuum with its pros and cons.

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Dimensions – 33 x 35.5 x 49 cm in Width, Depth & Height

Weight – 6.67 kilograms

Dust bag capacity – 8 liters

Motor Suction Speed – 2300 mm/wc

Blower Efficiency – 1400 liter/Minute

Included Accessories – Floor Brush, Carpet Cleaner, Corner Cleaner, All Surface Cleaner, Hose Pipe, Precision Cleaner, Computer Cleaner, Aromiser, Car Wash Adapter, Flexi Cleaner, Grill Cleaner, 3 Extension Tubes, Spray Jar, and Floor Wet Squeegee.


This vacuum from Eureka Forbes has a state of the art swiss design with hi-tech aesthetic look. The smart ergonomic of the WDX2 ensures that you get a swift and hassle-free cleaning experience. The black and orange-colored look of this vacuum gives it a premium and modern feel. The height and width of this vacuum are big but it not unusual for wet and dry vacuums. The weight of the WDX2 is also light for a wet and dry vacuum coming at 6.67 kilograms. The plastic build of this product is a bit concerning for the long term durability of this product. But overall, the WDX2 has an excellent design that will complement your modern home.

Blower and Suction Functionality:

A wet and dry vacuum should have a good suction and blower functionality, and the power of the WDX2 will not disappoint you. It features a powerful motor that gives you deep cleaning by even removing hard stains from your home. It really makes your cleaning job easy. The 2300 mm/wc suction motor has the capability to pick up every microparticles, dirt, dust mites, pet hair, etc from your home. It can also pick up wet dirt and spills from your surface easily. The WDX2 is a good multi-purpose vacuum to make daily cleaning chores easy. The HEPA filter present with this vacuum can filter all the allergens and micro-particles from the air to give your environment clean air to breathe. Not only the suction is powerful, but the blower capability of this vacuum is great too. This vacuum has a 1400 liter/minute of bower efficiency. It can blow all the dust from hard to pick up areas, lawn, etc to make your home clean. With a good blower and suction capability, you cannot go wrong by choosing the WDX2 vacuum for your home or office.

Accessory Functionality:

As with any other premium vacuums, you get a lot of different accessories with this one. Each accessory is specifically made for cleaning different areas. So this vacuum with 13 different accessories gives you the ultimate cleaning for your house. The crevice nozzle is used to remove the dust from hard places while the wet squeegee cleans the wet surfaces. There are different cleaner attachments that come with this vacuum such as the precision cleaner, floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, all-surface cleaner, grill cleaner, and Flexi cleaner. Each cleaner removes dust from different places of your home. The Aromiser attachment is used to fumigate the cupboard and freshen your home. There is also a car wash adapter present that is used to clean your cars. The flexible hose helps in easy cleaning of your home. All these attachments can be fit into the vacuum easily with the click fitting mechanism. With all these different attachments that come with this vacuum, you are covered in every possible way of cleaning your home.

Other Features:

Dynamic Power Control

The WDX2 has a dynamic power control, so you can adjust the power of the motor based on your requirement. This adjusts the blower and suction power of this vacuum at three different modes as per your need. If you want to remove hard stains, then you can go with the maximum power mode. For light cleaning, the low or medium power mode is enough. The smart LED indicator displays the information regarding the power mode that you set with this vacuum.

Dust Bag Indicator

This is a useful feature where the machine warns when the dust bag gets full. The indicator present at the top warns you, so you can empty the bag and clean the filter on time. You don’t have to repeatedly check the dust bag.

Auto Clean

The WDX2 has an auto-clean feature that cleans up the HEPA filter automatically, so you don’t have to manually clean it. It works by reversing the airflow to thoroughly eradicate all the dust and increase the life of the filter. You can start the auto-cleaning process easily by just pressing the auto clean switch.

Auto Cord Winder

You can store the power cord into the vacuum automatically with just a push of a button. The auto cord winder protects the cord from external damage and keeps your vacuum safe.

Good Warranty Period

As with other Eureka Forbes Vacuum, the WDX2 comes with a good warranty period of 12 months. This warranty covers parts defects and other manufacturing problems, so you can buy this vacuum without any worries.


  • The WDX2 has a really powerful motor with good suction and blower functionality. It can remove even the hard stains and dirt from your home.
  • You can control the power of the motor to three different modes. It gives you the option to clean based on your requirement.
  • The WDX2 has an onboard storage facility of all the accessories that you get with it. It ensures that the unit is kept in readiness for use.


  • The WDX2 is made of plastic, so the longevity of this vacuum is a bit of concern.
  • It is also quite expensive.


The WDX2 Vacuum from Eureka Forbes is one of its popular models. It has a good amount of features with a great design. This versatile vacuum can be used to clean wet and dry dirt from all surface types as it comes with different accessories. If you are in the market for a good wet and dry vacuum, then you cannot go wrong with this one.

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