Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus 800 Watt Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Easy Clean Plus from Eureka Forbes is a handy portable vacuum that will be suitable for your daily cleaning needs. This vacuum not only has a suction feature, but it also has a good blower feature too.

Due to its portability and lightweight design, this multipurpose vacuum is convenient for taking it around your home and clean it thoroughly. There is not a lot of portable vacuums that have the features of the Easy Clean plus along with a decent budget price.

If you are eyeing to get this vacuum, then you must know all about it including its pros and cons. In this post, let us see in-depth about what you get with this portable vacuum.

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Suction Power – 1600 mm of the water column.

Dimension – 18 x 14 x 18 cm in W x D x H.

Weight – 1.8 Kilograms.

Color – Silver.

Usage Surface and Area – Dry and Indoor.

Dust Capacity – 0.5 Litres.

Included Accessories – Flexible Hose, Multi-Purpose Brush, Accessory Adapter, Upholstery Brush, Floor and Carpet Brush, Shoulder Strap, Blower Adapter.


As explained, the design of the Forbes Easy Clean vacuum is portable and lightweight. It is made to clean your home easily without the bulkiness you get with the canister or wet & dry vacuum.

The mere 1.8 kilogram of this vacuum makes it easy for you to carry it on your hand and clean your room. There is also a handy shoulder strap provided with this vacuum to reduce the hassle of carrying or dragging it. This vacuum can be easily picked up by using the handle that is present at its top.

You can comfortably store this vacuum in your cupboard or in any other small area because of its compact design. This vacuum doesn’t have a cleaning bag, so you don’t have to repeatedly change the bags. It uses a dust container to collect all the dust.

The suction and blower opening is present at the front and back of this vacuum, so you can easily attach the pipes and clean your home. The silver color of this vacuum makes it look premium and classy. Overall, the design of this product is great for a handheld vacuum.

Motor Power

The 800 W motor is capable of cleaning all the basic dust and dirt from your home with a good maximum airflow of 14 liters per second. It can pick up micro-particles such as pet hair, pollens, and other allergens too. The suction power in this vacuum is 1600mm/cc.

Though it is not powerful enough to pick up hard stains, you have to remember that it is not a canister or wet and dry vacuum. The blower functionality of this vacuum is also pretty good. This blower and suction function can remove the deeply embedded dust and dirt from any kind of soft surfaces and upholstery.

Other Features:

Included Accessories

The Eureka Forbes Easy Clean vacuum comes with a limited number of accessories that will make your cleaning session much enjoyable. The multi-purpose brush included with this machine can be used to clean the carpet as well as the floor while there is an individual floor-carpet brush included with this purchase.

The flexible hose pipe can be attached to either blower or suction opening and can be used based on your convenience. There is also a blower adapter and extension tube adapter present with this vacuum. The shoulder strap makes it handy to carry this vacuum on your shoulder easily.

Though the included accessories are limited, the accessories combined with the vacuum will make your cleaning session great.

Flexible Cord:

The power cord present with this vacuum is 18 feet in length. It is also flexible, so it can easily spread across your room. You can plug the cord in your room and with the lengthy cord, you can cover the room and clean it easily. It also negates the need for bending down while cleaning your room.

This lengthy, flexible cord will surely make for a convenient cleaning process.


You get a good warranty period of one year with this buy. This warranty period covers the machine against defects from faulty design, faulty parts, workmanship, and materials. You can safely buy this product from Eureka Forbes without any worries as it comes with a good warranty period which increases the value of this device.


  • This lightweight vacuum comes with a good blower and suction functionality, so it acts as a good multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.
  • It can be handheld with utmost ease as it is a lightweight one. There is also an optional strap that you can use it to carry it on your shoulder to make the whole cleaning process efficient and convenient.
  • The 800W motor is capable of removing deeply embedded dust from any kind of surfaces.


  • It generates hot air when it is used continuously for more than 15 minutes.
  • It is not suitable for removing hard stains.


The Eureka Forbes Easy Clean plus is an overall very good portable vacuum cleaner. It makes your daily cleaning process easy thanks to its design and a range of features that come with it. If you are in the market for an efficient day to day cleaning machine at a decent price, then the 800W Easy Clean plus will be a great choice for you.

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  1. The product is very nice and durable. But I am not getting accessories like multipurpose brush and filter bag. Can company help me ?


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