What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India?

Finding the right vacuum cleaner for your home is the holy grail for most. With so many options, it sometimes became difficult to make a purchase. So, it is important that you research well and buy the product that suits your budget and requirements. So, in this article, we would look at one of the best vacuum cleaners available in India that would make your cleaning easy and fun. It is energy-efficient and light-weighted.

Philips Powerpro FC9352/01 Vacuum Cleaner

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

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This vacuum cleaner comes with a 1900 Watt motor, which has strong suction power. The vacuum cleaner weighs about 4.5 kg making it portable and easy to handle. The sound level of this vacuum cleaner is 80dB, so you don’t have to deal with any kind of annoying noise. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner comes with an advanced dust container to maintain hygiene. The performance and functionality of the vacuum cleaner are amazing. Overall, it’s a good product in this price range.

Here are the salient features of this vacuum cleaner. The Philips Powerpro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner also received Gold Award in the year 2018.

Salient Features

  • 1900W Motor with Strong Suction Power: The 1900 Watt motor vacuum cleaner comes with strong suction power. Its powerful cyclonic action, along with the advanced technology, helps to keep the dust at its place.
  • Comes with Integrated Soft Brush: For people who want deep cleaning and hygiene as well. This vacuum cleaner is right for you. It will capture all 99% of the dust particles, including pet hairs.
  • Turbo Brush Nozzle: This vacuum cleaner comes with a turbo brush nozzle, which helps to remove hairs and dust from the carpets and ensures deep cleaning. It helps in improving the functionality and performance of the vacuum cleaner altogether.
  • Warranty: The company gives two years of warranty on the product. You can easily get the spare parts at the local shop or online. You don’t need to worry. Go for this exclusive product.
  • Powercycle 5 Technology: Its power cycle five technology helps you to get the preferred airflow required for cleaning different places.
  • Allergy H13 Fitter: For people who have allergies and want to maintain hygiene. Its highly sealed filtration system captures all the dust particles maintaining hygiene.
  • Easy to Empty Dust Bin: You can easily empty the dust- bin with your single hand. It helps to mitigate dust clouds.
  • In the Box: The package contains one vacuum cleaner, accessories (integrated brush and crevice tool, manual card, and a warranty card.

What Do We Like:

  • Easy to handle and portable.
  • Comes with an allergy H13 filter.
  • Equipped with an integrated soft brush.
  • There is a turbo brush nozzle for deep cleaning.
  • Light-weighted and easy to store.
  • Comes with HEPA 10 filter.
  • The sound power level is 82dB, which is good.
  • 1900 Watt powerful motor.
  • Ideal for deep cleaning.
  • Comes with a long cord of 6 meters.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There are heating issues with the vacuum cleaner.
  • The service provided by the company is not that good.

Buying Guide for the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Test the Vacuum Cleaners Before the Purchase

If you’re buying online, then we would suggest you look for the reviews and do some research because you cannot test a vacuum cleaner when buying online. Then if you are buying it from a local shop, then you can seek professional help, and tests can be done as well. The good thing about buying vacuum cleaners is that you can replace the product within no time. If you would buy it online, then obviously there would be varieties, but replacing the product would be a headache.

Does the Quality Justifies Its Price?

We would advise you to research a particular product before buying it online. Don’t let the shopkeepers fool you. Moreover, check its features and reviews as well. Then only proceed with the purchase. Look if the built is good or not, does the product truly justifies its price, etc.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

This is the most versatile vacuum cleaner found in the market. It can pick up both liquid spills and dust as well. Moreover, these types of vacuum cleaners can also unblock the blocked sink and overflow hole.


Look for vacuum cleaners which consume less energy. You don’t want to pay more bills, so go for energy-efficient vacuum cleaners. An energy-efficient vacuum cleaner is something you will truly enjoy down the line.

Warranty on Product

Check the company has given how many years of warranty on the product. Whether its spare parts would be available in the market or not. In other words, choose the one that can offer you with uninterrupted usage without giving any thoughts to it.

Your Budget

It is important that how much are you willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner. Finalize that, then go for the purchase. Handheld vacuum cleaners come at a low cost, but they can only clean small spaces. Robotic vacuum cleaners are expensive. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then we would advise you to go for upright, canister, stick, and wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

Handling and Portable

If you’re looking for vacuum cleaners to clean your house on a regular basis, then go for vacuum cleaners, which is easy to handle and portable. That way, you can reach out to the corners of your house.

Noise Level

Check the noise level of the vacuum cleaner you’re about to buy. Nobody wants a noisy vacuum cleaner; people mostly prefer vacuum cleaners with silent operation. As it might some inconvenience to both the family members and your neighbors. The noise level of an ideal vacuum cleaner should be 72dB to 80dB. Don’t buy any vacuum cleaner that goes beyond this limit.

Watch Out for the Sale Season

You can get the vacuum cleaner, which you’ve been eyeing at a 10 to 50% discount during the festive season sale. So, watch out for the sale season. This is one of the add-ons you can certainly enjoy while making your purchase for the next vacuum cleaner.

The Bottom Line

Philips is a renowned brand. It has been in the market for many years. Their products are of great quality. So, you can go for this vacuum cleaner without hesitating. It has good reviews. Moreover, we have provided you with the buying guide to make your purchase easy. If you have any doubts, then you can write to us. We hope this article was helpful.

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