Best Portable Vacuum Cleaners to Buy in India

Portable Vacuum cleaners have a great advantage over traditional vacuums in terms of convenience. You get a good cleaning experience using a portable handheld or compact canister vacuum. Traditional vacuum cleaners are good at removing the hard stains and other dirt from your home, but it may become cumbersome in using them as they are generally huge in size.

Now, portable vacuums such as handhelds are much smaller and compact in size when compared to the traditional ones. These portable modern vacuums are powerful too. There are a lot of portable vacuums from different brands available in the market and in this post, let us see some of the top vacuums with its pros and cons.

Top Portable Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX 1200-Watt Vacuum Cleaner

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The Quick Clean DX Vacuum from Eureka Forbes is a compact one that gives you a good cleaning experience. The 1200 W motor has a powerful suction feature that removes all the dust from different surfaces in your home. It also comes with some nice features such as a dust bag full indicator and automatic power cable winder to make your cleaning session much convenient. The DX vacuum comes with a wide range of accessories such as multiple extension tubes, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and carpet brush. It gives you a versatile cleaning session even though the device is a compact one.


  • It has an automatic power cable winder switch that enables the cord to be stored automatically in the unit with just a push of a button.
  • The dust bag full indicator helps you to empty the bag on-time, so you don’t have to check for the dust repeatedly.
  • This device comes with a good warranty period of one-year that covers it from all the manufacturing defects.

2. Prestige 1200 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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If you want a portable wet and dry vacuum, then you can never go wrong with the Prestige 1200 W vacuum. It comes with a powerful motor with a suction and blower functionality. The HEPA filter present with this makes sure that all the micro-particles are trapped inside of it. It comes with a dust storage capacity of 10 liters, so you are able to clean for a few days without the need of emptying the bin. For portability, this vacuum comes with 360-degree swivel wheels. It makes it easy for you to use it to clean around your home. With a good warranty policy from Prestige, this device is one of the best portable vacuums in the wet and dry category.


  • This compact wet and dry vacuum comes with a high dust storage capacity of 10 liters.
  • It comes with a range of different accessories such as floor brush, absorbing brush, crevice tool, and corner brush.


3. iRobot 600 Series Roomba 606 Vacuum Cleaner

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Robovac’s are the best device to clean your room that offers high portability. It comes with a compact, low-profile design that adjusts its head automatically to keep in touch with different areas of your room. The dirt detection technology present with this vacuum helps to detect the areas of your room where the dirt density is high and clean it thoroughly. For navigation, the iAdapt navigation technology helps it to navigate automatically to clean different rooms effectively. This robotic vacuum is not only a good portable machine but also a good robotic vacuum too that you can confidently buy.


  • It has a cliff sensor that helps it to avoid falling off from high-ups.
  • It features a three-stage cleaning system that uses an edge-sweeping brush, dual multi-surface brush, and vacuum suction to clean your home.

4. KENT Handy Vacuum Cleaner

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The Kent Handy vacuum machine a good compact and handheld vacuum that makes your room clean conveniently. It has an advanced cyclonic technology that collects dust efficiently. With the HEPA filter, it can trap most of the micro-particles and other allergens with it to give you a much cleaner air. This Handy vacuum also has a blower functionality, so you can clean hard-to-reach areas with it. The automatic power cord retractor gives you the convenience of winding th power cable automatically with just a push of a button. Overall, the Kent handy vacuum is a good portable device for cleaning your home or apartment.


  • It comes with a shoulder strap, so you can fit it around your shoulder to get a comfortable cleaning experience.
  • The advanced cyclonic technology helps to effectively collect the dust and trap it using the HEPA filter.
  • It comes with a good warranty period of one-year from Kent.

5. Black + Decker Vacuum Cleaner

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This is again a good portable, handheld vacuum with suction and blower functionality. The powerful 800 W motor present in this vacuum helps to clean most of the dust from your room. It has a dust storage capacity of 0.9 liters. Though it is not big, it will be sufficient for handheld use. A turbo brush is included with this vacuum for carpet cleaning and a blower attachment is included to blow out dust and dirt using the blower feature. This ergonomically designed vacuum makes it easy for you to carry it around your home and clean efficiently.


  • The soft extension hose included with this vacuum is flexible and assists you in cleaning areas that are difficult to reach.
  • It comes with attachments that specifically made to clean upholsteries and other surfaces.

6. Kent Wet and Dry Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

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This is an ergonomically designed wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Kent that is effective at cleaning both the wet and dry surfaces. It has a rechargeable battery with a cordless design. This design gives you increased portability while cleaning different areas of your room. It also doesn’t have a dust bag, so it gives a mess-free cleaning for your home. There are different accessories that come with this vacuum to give you a complete cleaning such as a crevice nozzle, wet suction nozzle, etc. With a one-year warranty period, you get a good, portable vacuum cleaner with this purchase.


  • It is a compact wet and dry vacuum that makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere you want.
  • The rechargeable battery and cordless design make it easy for you to use this vacuum conveniently.

Buying Guide for a Portable Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re buying a new vacuum, you should always check for the various properties of it. There are some really good quality vacuums along with some bad ones too in the market. So, you should consider some important factors of a vacuum to get a good buy. Here we present the significant qualities that you should check for in a vacuum before buying it.


Almost all vacuums come with a set of accessories that enhance your cleaning experience. Accessories such as crevice tool, upholstery brush, round brush, and more make your cleaning job better for different surfaces. So check for these attachments when you are in the market for a vacuum.

Dust Storage:

Vacuums typically come with either a bag or a bagless design for collecting dust. A bagged vacuum will collect more dust depending upon the size than a bagless designed vacuum. In the portable vacuum category, you’ll see bagless vacuum that uses dust containers to store the dust. They also include HEPA filters to sort out the dust. When emptying dust from dust container or when cleaning a filter, you may get exposed to dust. So, get a vacuum that comes with good dust emptying feature that doesn’t make a mess when emptying the dust.


Another important factor when buying a vacuum is the filter. If you are asthma patient or allergic to certain micro-particles such as pet hair and dust mites, then you should buy a vacuum with HEPA filter installed. It can capture most of the micro-particles from your environment leaving you a much cleaner air to breathe. Apart from the HEPA filter, Micron filters are also capable of providing a higher level of filtration. So, you should get a vacuum with a good filtration technology.


Vacuums tend to get broken at some point as you use it regularly. So a good warranty policy is a must when buying a vacuum. The warranty period must at least cover your device for a year under various manufacturing defects and other faults. If you get a vacuum from a reputable brand, then most probably, you will get good warranty service. So try to purchase your vacuum from a good brand with a reputable name.


You can get a good portable vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning with many conveniences. The above listed are some of the top portable vacuum cleaners that you can buy without much hesitation.

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