Best iRobot Vacuum Cleaners in India 2022

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way. Thanks to the advancements in technology, you no longer have to manually clean or spend time cleaning your house with a vacuum cleaner. Robovac or Robotic Vacuum cleaner is an automated technology that cleans your home without needing any input from you.

iRobot is an American company that manufactures some of the top robovac in the market. The iRobot brand of vacuum cleaners is available in the Indian market in different series. Each series of iRobot vacuum cleaners has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this post, let us see some of the top iRobot cleaners available in India.

Top iRobot Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. iRobot 900 series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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The iRobot 980 has the power to vacuum your home automatically, so you can save some quality time in cleaning. It has a powerful 10x suction to pull in dirt, debris, and hair from your home. The AeroForce 3-Stage cleaning system uses the tangle-free multi-surface brush to pick up even the small debris. The dual multi-surface brush present in this cleaner works together to clean your home effectively. The rubber treads present in the brush are durable and designed to grab debris. It also has a good navigation system with vSLAM technology. With this technology, the vacuum creates a visual map of your home to track and clean efficiently. The dirt-detecting sensor present in this vacuum recognizes the concentrated dust areas in your home to clean them thoroughly. You can connect this vacuum with the iRobot Home app to monitor the cleaning activity. The app also updates the vacuum with the latest software. You can even connect the vacuum with your Alexa device and control it using voice command. There is also a two-year warranty with this device, so you can buy this quality iRobot vacuum without any worries.

Included in the package – Vacuum cleaning robot, Side brush, AeroForc extractors, Home base charging station, line cord, extra filter & brush, and documentation.


  • It features an auto-adjusting cleaning head that adapts its height based on the surface to effectively clean your home.
  • The vacuum automatically returns to the base station once the job is done or when the battery is low. After recharging, it automatically resumes the work.
  • The filter present in this vacuum captures all the allergens such as dust, and mites.

2. iRobot 600 Series Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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The 600 series of vacuum cleaners is the affordable ones from iRobot. The 650 Roomba Vacuum cleaner has a patented 3-stage cleaning process with powerful suction and counter-rotating brushes to remove all the debris from your home effectively. The iAdapt advanced navigation technology present in this vacuum helps it to find the way across the room and cleans every part of your home thoroughly. This navigation system can be activated with a press of a button. The spinning side brush cleans the edges of the wall. This vacuum is also compact enough to seamlessly navigate to all the parts of your home. It can navigate under your furniture, bed, or cupboard to thoroughly clean the surface. After cleaning your home, the vacuum automatically returns to the charging base station and recharges. The 650 Roomba vacuum comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer, so you can safely buy this affordable cleaner without any worry about manufacturing defects.

Included in the package – Vaccum, Charging base, extra filter, cleaning tool, APS battery, power charger, and documentation.


  • This vacuum has a cliff-detection sensor that allows it to avoid stairs and other drop-offs.
  • It can be preset to clean your home up to seven times a week, so it cleans your home every day.
  • The aerovac technology helps this device to handle hair, pet fur, lint, and other debris.

3. iRobot Roomba i7+ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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The i7+ from iRobot is the higher end series of robot vacuum cleaners with high price tag. It comes with a lot of advanced features that you don’t normally find with other vacuums. It is one of the few robovac’s with an automatic dust disposal feature. The vacuum automatically disposes the dust into the clean base charging station. The base station has a dust disposal bag that can hold 30 robot bins, so you can replace the bags once every few months or so. The premium three-stage cleaning with high suction power and dual multi-surface rubber brush gets every dust particles like hair, pet fur, debris, and more from your home. The dirt sensor helps it to identify the areas with high dirt concentration to remove it efficiently. The smart mapping system enables the vacuum to get a visual map of your home and clean it effectively. It is also compatible with the iRobot app, so you can schedule cleaning work or track the progress of this vacuum. The app is also used to update the vacuum regularly with the latest software from iRobot. The i7+ is one of the premium robovac available in the market with advanced features. It also comes with a good two-year warranty. So, if you can afford the price tag, then the Roomba i7+ is the way to go.

Included in the Package – Vacuum, Clean Charging Base station, 2 dirt disposal bags, line cord, extra filter & brush, warranty card, product registration card, and documentation.


  • Automatic dirt disposal – The vacuum automatically disposes the dirt into the disposal bags present in the base station, so you don’t have to manually clean it.
  • The high efficient filter helps to catch up to 99 percent of mold, pollen, and other allergens from your home.
  • The adjustable heads adopt its height based on the surface to effectively clean different areas like carpet, hard floors, and others.

4. iRobot E-series Roomba e5 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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The E-series is an affordable robovac from Irobot. The e5 cleaning robot uses dual multi-surface rubber brushes with a 5x powerful suction technology to clean your home all kinds of debris. It also features an efficient filter to get rid of all the allergens from your home. Intelligent sensors present in this vacuum helps to navigate and adapt to your home to effectively clean it. The dirt sensor helps to identify the dirt areas and clean it. The edge-sweeping brush sweeps the dirt along the wall edges and corners. With a three-stage cleaning system, this vacuum system attacks everything from small to large dust particles. The flexible rubber brushes adapt to different floors based on the height and clean thoroughly. You can also connect this vacuum to the iRobot home app and track the cleaning process. You get all these features with a two-year warranty, so you can buy this affordable robovac from iRobot without any second thoughts.

Included in the Package – Vacuum, Home base charging station, line cord, extra filter, dual-mode virtual wall barrier, and 2-year warranty card.


  • The washable dust bin bag present in the vacuum helps you to simply rinse away any dirt or debris left behind.
  • It has a low-profile, compact design with additional sensors to help it avoid the stairs and other drop-offs.


iRobot is one of the leading brands in the world for vacuum cleaners. They make some of the top robovacs in different price ranges. You can never go wrong by selecting a robovac from iRobot. The above listed are some of the top robovac from iRobot, and we hope that our post helps you to get the iRobot cleaner that is right for you.

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